Patent Applications for Telematics Tech Increasing2005-01-07 10:39:21  
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Active development of automobile 'telematics'-related technologies with enhanced safety and convenience is enabling access to a wide variety of information and control driving devices by mobile phone. Consequently, patent applications are also increasing annually at a rapid pace.

A compound word of 'telecommunication' and 'informatics,' telematics means the combination of automobile and computer/mobile communication technologies.

Patent applications for automobile and mobile phone-combined telematics technologies, which were only eight prior to 2000, jumped to 31 in 2003, posting a sharp annual average increase of 111%, according to KIPO's statistics.

The technologies involved in the patent applications for the recent four-year period (2000-2003) came in various forms:

- 'Remote Vehicle Diagnostic Service' to automatically check and inform the driver of the vehicle's operating status and problems, if any.
- 'Navigation Service' to provide the vehicle's location, traffic information and best routes to destination by mobile phone;
- 'Mobile Phone Remote Control Function' to control (open-close) vehicle doors or operate HVAC equipment via voice or text message to maintain security and comfort; and
- 'Theft-Prevention Service' to freeze the operation of a stolen vehicle via a mobile phone and to help arrest the criminal.

In terms of patent application ratio by technology, remote vehicle diagnostic service led all others, accounting for 41% of the total, followed by theft prevention service (32%), mobile phone remote control function (16%) and navigation service (11%).

Considering consumers' growing interest in making their living environments more convenient with mobile phones and the gradual increase of electronics among automotive technologies, the growth potential of telematics technologies will likely be greater in the future.

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