Providing education on IPR for the members of ASEAN2009-12-14 13:50:56  
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The Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO, Commissioner: Jung-Sik Koh) will provide education on intellectual property rights (IPR) for the members of ASEAN. This education project is estimated to be worth about 100 thousand USD. 

In the '8th Korea-ASEAN FTA Economic Cooperation Work Conference' held in Mandalay, Myanmar from Wednesday, December 2nd to Friday the 4th, KIPO proposed an 'IPR education project' to the members of ASEAN as one of the office's projects in 2010, and on December 8th, KIPO announced that the proposal was accepted unanimously. 

As regards the project, IPR education related to the patent system of Korea, technology transfer, commercial use of patent information, and examination service will be provided at the International Intellectual Property Training Institute (IIPTI) of KIPO in H110. 
In the Korea-ASEAN FTA Economic Cooperation Forum, the members of ASEAN showed great interest in IPR education, and selected the project proposed by KIPO as its first new project in 2010. 

Through the IPR education project subjected to the members of ASEAN, KIPO will share its know-how and successful experience in the IPR field, playing the role of an advanced country. 
As the amount of trade between Korea and the members of ASEAN is continuously increasing, the education project is also expected to improve regional understanding of the laws and systems of Korea’s IPR, reinforcing the protection of the rights in the developing countries of Southeast Asia. 

IIPTI, where the educational program will take place, has provided IPR training to foreigners since 1987, and produced 1,706 successful trainees. Due to the institute's substantial educational content, the educational demands from the members of ASEAN are continuously increasing.

  Providing education on IPR for the members of ASEAN HA&HA 09-12-14 8978
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