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Patent Technology Tailored to Businesses!
- Korean Intellectual Property Office Surveys Technology Demand 2nd Half 2008

The Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), under Commissioner Jung-Sik Koh, announced on the 20th of this month that it will launch a Technology Demand Survey. The survey will be designed to explore tailored patent technology for would-be entrepreneurs and businesses to support technology transfer and provide business consulting and technology-related finance intermediary services. 

Under the project, the Office will act as an intermediary between businesses intending to buy patent technology or licensing, to provide them with world-class patent technology without a fee. The plan aims to accelerate commercialization of patents and the utilization of untapped patents, and is open twice a year. 

Like earlier this year, applicants will be able to sign up for technology they need to the matching tailored patent technology, and a technology transfer expert will survey the technology requested and provide consulting for the technology application through an "Interview for Technology Demand". Applicants may acquire data on the tailored patent technology as well. 

When the applicants desire world-class patent technology from abroad, they may obtain consulting services from global network of the Korean Invention Promotion Association. Also, applicants may obtain relevant data on technology transfers via patent technology auction sales when needed. 

The KIPO will survey the relevant patent technology at conglomerates, small- and mid-sized R&D businesses, universities or public institutions at the request of businesses or entrepreneurs for purchase, and decide its suitability through the Patent Technology Valuation Committee to match the technology with the applicant. 

Businesses will also be able to obtain access to patent technology auctions and patent technology transfer conferences, and benefit from consulting services, mediation services, and assistance in the contract process related to technology transfer. 

They can also obtain finance when developing a business using the patent technology through Korean Development Bank, which will extend loans of up to 10 billion won (facility expenses 6 billion won and operating expenses 4 billion won), depending on the candidates' credit rating after the business viability evaluation consulting and credit check.

Manager Young-Sik Son of the Industrial Property Promotion Team said, "We are trying to maximize our potential in excellent technology through technology licensing, place it where it suits the best for businesses in line with the rapidly changing technology market". He added, "Small/Medium enterprises and entrepreneurs are encouraged to take a part in this project".

Those who wish to benefit from the program can learn more by visiting,, or 
For inquiry, please contact the Patent Technology Valuation Team of KIPA at 02-3459-2851

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