History of HA&HA
  History of the firm
  Introduction of the firm (Characteristics)
History of HA&HA
HA&HA consists of°°HA & HA Patent and Law Firm, which provides professional services related to intellectual property and Seoul Techno R&C Co, LTD, which is a professional technology information research company that specializes in patent and technology information search in Korea  
History of the firm
HA&HA was founded in 1961 by Sang Ku Ha, the counselor who made every effort to develop the Korean Patent Law System and the Korean Intellectual Property in the early days,
who served as the commissioner of the Korean Intellectual Property Office, and the chief trial examiner of the Korean Intellectual Property Office,
who also showed a good leadership as the 11th president of the Korean Patent Attorney Association, and contributed to introducing Korean Intellectual Property to foreign countries through many lectures.
Young-Wook Ha, the current president of the firm, has received a Master of Intellectual Property at Franklin Pierce Law Center in 1990.
He has tried to keep the firm developing as well as working as an international attorney. Accordingly, the firm grown to keep up with the rapid changes of the world and to face the global challenges with up-to-date knowledge and is now providing more specialized law services related to the intellectual property matters. In this regard,
HA&HA always tries its best for offering the best services to the clients, based on the honored tradition
Introduction of the firm (Characteristics)
We provide abundant information based on the accumulated data and experiences we obtained throughout the years.

£≠Since the foundation in 1961, we have managed thousands cases of intellectual property and have dedicated ourselves to obtain and maintain these rights.
We provide services of the highest quality based on our experiences, accumulated knowledge and know-how, as being involved with trial cases, as well as protest trial cases, appeal cases and legal reactions to infringement.

Our firm works with professional attorneys from various fields and majors.
£≠The professional attorneys in each field (mechanical engineering, electronics, science, law, etc.) have strong confidence in dealing with the intellectual matters and take responsibilities of conducting business. Also, the huge amount of materials that has been accumulated is saved in the database and has been utilized for dealing with cases and daily practices.

Our professional attorneys are highly skilled with the knowledge of especially Japanese and American intellectual property. Upon filing an application,
we maintain prompt and accurate communications with the local attorney with faxes, E-mails and phones, providing services of good quality.

We also provide prior art searching service through Seoul Techno R&C Co.,
an affiliated company specialized in technical search.
Seoul Techno R&C Co. provides prior art searching service in related fields and patent right watching service of competitive companies.

We provide prompt and accurate information and services at reasonable cost.
We dedicate ourselves to satisfy the customers' needs promptly and accurately at the reasonable expense with systematic and rational organization management and system development.